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Seated Exercises – End of Class

  • Rub your hands together to get them warm, close your eyes and then hold your palms over your eyelids while breathing in and out slowly through your nose
  • Gently pinch your eyebrows between your thumb and index finger.  Slide your fingers from the inside edge of your eyebrow to the outside edge.  Return to the inside and slide your fingers again for about 6 times.
  • With your fingertips, rub your temples up and toward your hairline for 6 to 9 times
  • Slide your fingers down your nose and under your cheekbones until your fingers are directly under the irises of your eyes
  • Use your thumbs behind your ears from the top to the earlobes for 6 to 9 times
  • Then slide your thumbs down along the jaw line and “walk” your fingers down the length of your Adam’s apple.  Return to the position behind your ears and repeat for a total of 6 to 9 times
  • Gently pinch the flap you’re your ears and move them from the top of the ears to the earlobes for 6 “pinches” down and up
  • Cover your ears with your hands cupped and tap with your fingers on the back of your head for 2 sets of twelve finger taps
  • Tap with your fingertips from the base of the skull, through the center line of your skull, down the outside along the area of the 2 lobes.  Start at the base of the skull again and repeat
  • Rub your shoulder from back to front for 6 times
  • Circle your hand on the top of your arm to the front and back for about 6 times in each direction
  • Begin the inside of your arm from the fingertips and rub your arm up the inside, over the shoulder and down the outside of the arm for 6 times
  • Press firmly with your thumb on the laogong acupressure point on your palm for a few seconds
  • Repeat on the other shoulder, top of the arm and up and down the arms.  Finish by pressing on the laogong point
  • Cross your arms and press at the top of the crease on each elbow for a few seconds
  • Rub your hands together as though washing them about 6 times
  • Massage each finger and fingertip and then with a quick pull at the end of the finger release any old, stale energy that might be trapped
  • Press your thumb on the Joining the Valley acupressure point on the webbing between your thumb and your index finger for a few seconds and then change hands and repeat
  • Massage your lower back up and down or in a circular motion lifting your hands high enough to massage in the area of your kidneys
  • Massage your hip by moving both hands in a circular motion for about 6 times
  • Start the leg massage on the inside of the leg at the ankle, working your way up rubbing behind your knee on your way.  Cross over your thigh at a high spot and then massage downward back to the ankle (outside) stopping to massage in a circular motion again around your kneecap-6 times up and down
  • Skin brush on that leg from ankle up to thigh, then change legs and repeat the same massage movements and skin brushing
  • Place a finger from each hand on the outside of your kneecaps and just below it – hold for a few seconds or tap or circle.  This is the Calf’s Nose acupressure point
  • Move your fingers down 4 finger-widths to the next indentation which is the Three Mile Point and hold your finger, circle or tap as you prefer
  • Using both thumbs press firmly on the middle of the crease behind your knee for several seconds then move your thumbs to the outside edge of the crease and press on this acupressure point for a few seconds
  • Place one leg over the thigh of the other, pull back on your toes and then rub across your instep back and forth for about 12 times
  • Massage each toe on that foot
  • Press on the kidney meridian on that foot which is about 1 and a half or two thumb widths from the inside edge of the foot and about 2/3 of the way up the arch-hold for a few seconds
  • Press a finger firmly on the midway point of the beginning of the heel, i.e. the spot leading onto the arch of your foot and hold for a few seconds
  • Press on the bottom of your big toe at the middle joint for a few seconds
  • Reverse and repeat the massaging and the pressure on the 3 points
  • Hold your hands as though holding an imaginary ball in front of your chest.  Bottom hand is palm up while upper hand is held palm down.  Breathe in through your nose and, as you breathe out through your mouth, move the lower hand above your head, palm to the ceiling.  Breathe in again and as you breathe out, press your palm toward the ceiling.  Breathe in and bring your hand back in front of your chest with the hands reversed (in other words, change which one if on top and which on the bottom).  Continue this exercise alternating hands for 2 to 3 sets
  • Place one hand behind your back just above your hip bone and bring the other one down from the top of your head, passing in front of your chest and then out over the leg on that side while breathing in and out slowly through your nose and directing the energy through the body and into the marrow of the bones.  Change hands and repeat for one complete set or for 2 sets
  • Pass one hand over the opposite arm, directing the energy down and through the arm to clear trapped and stale energy.  Reverse and repeat
  • Pleace both hands above your head, palms down, fingertips almost touching.  Slowly lower your arms as you breathe in and out through your nose and direct your energy through the body and into the marrow of the bones

Complete this section of the exercises by doing Centering Ch’i-3 repetitions if time permits


Tapping Points and Meditations

Tapping Points:
“Even though I have these negative emotions, I deeply and completely accept myself.” (side of hand)

“I seem to worry constantly.” (top of the head)

“I thought that meant that I’m a bad person.” (3rd eye point)

“I sometimes feel overwhelmed and frustrated.” (inside of eyebrow)

“I know I am a good person, though, and that I can understand why I feel these emotions.” (outside of the eye)

“I am uncomfortable with change and my life feels chaotic and out of control.” (under the eye)

“Sometimes I get angry when things don’t go my way.”  (under the nose)

“Yet, I love to learn new things and I know I can become a stronger person.” (chin)

“I’ll get better and better at my new attitude.” (collarbone)

“I can feel these emotions sometimes and still accept myself.” (under the arm)

“Even though I have these negative emotions, I deeply and completely accept myself.” (side of hand)


Still the surface of a river

Still the flame of a candle

Hot air balloon

Seated Exercises – Beginning of Class

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Usually takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete:

  • Breathing in and out through the nose –
  • Send the energy up the spine to the height of the shoulder blades (6x)
  • Up the spine to the top of the head, One Hundred Meeting Point (6x)
  • Up the spine over the top of the head and down the front to close the Yang energy loop (6x)
  • Breathing in and out of  the nose –
  • Send the energy up the front to the middle of the breastbone (6x)
  • Send the energy up the front to about the midway point in the head (6x)
  • Send the energy up your front, over the top of your head & down the spine to close the Yin energy loop (6x)
  • Breathe in through your mouth and out through your nose while you visualize the energy moving up into the trunk like a fountain, flooding the chest (6x)
  • Same breathing (in through your mouth and out through your nose) but using your diaphragm and visualizing the energy moving into and through your legs and feet (6x)
  • Continue the same breathing but expand your rib cage gently while sending the energy into all the meridians in your trunk and those that go up into the neck and head (6x)
  • Qigong butterfly (9x)
  • Triple Warmer – breathing in and out through the nose only while hands come down on top of your head palms down then palms up alternating for 6 repetitions
  • Use both hands one over the other to press downward from the bottom of your rib cage to a bit below the navel (2 sets of 12 presses)
  • Using both hands, right over left, circle your hands clockwise around the navel for 2 sets of 12 times each
  • Alternate nostril breathing
  • Head and neck tilts to back and front then side to side (6x each)
  • Circle your head to your chest and back up for 6 repetitions; then tilt your head side to side again and circle your head in the other direction.
  • Shrug your shoulders for 6 repetitions
  • Circle back to front for 6 times, then front to back 6 times
  • Lace your fingers and lift your hands overhead with palms to ceiling stretching your torso twice, repeat one more time – breathe in through  your mouth and out through your nose for this exercise and the rest of the exercises below
  • Lace your fingers and lift your hands overhead then reach out to the front keeping your head lifted for 4 repetitions
  • Lift your hands behind your back palms toward your back for 3 repetitions keeping your head up again
  • Fingers laced, palms to the ceiling, twist to the side in 3 stages breathing out a little bit of your breath on each twist then return to center breathing in one continuous breath; repeat twisting to the other side (2 sets)
  • Same as in #18 but with leans to one side then the other (2 sets)
  • Clear the emotions by pushing your hands in front of your upper chest and release stale energy through your hands as you breathe out through your mouth (9x)
  • Clear the mind by pushing your hands in the prayer position up above your head as you breathe in then down to the sides as you breathe out (9x)
  • Push back and swing forward with your arms for 2 sets of 12 each, then 6 pushes – stop and let your arms swing to a stop
  • Lift your torso and then bend over between your thighs with a rounded back as you breathe out, breathe in through your nose as you sit up straight again; arch back while breathing out again.  Repeat rolls down and up and arched back for 3x each alternating rolls down and up
  • Slide each leg out to the side and slightly to the back for 3 times each
  • Lifting ch’i for a total of 12 times, alternating legs each time
  • End with 3 repetitions of centering ch’i


Photo and Video Page

Seated Tai Chi Class

Standard Yang Style T’ai Chi

Awarding of Certificates

 Videos – 24-Step Yang Style Form


An interesting and informative video regarding the value of chi development:

World Tai Chi and Qigong Day 2013, click on the link below to view:

Yang Style Tai Chi – 24-Step Form

…balancing mind, body and spirit


 Benefits of T’ai Chi Practice:

Reduce Stress


Improve Lung Function

 Increase Circulation

Strengthen Bones

Lubricate Joints

Tone Muscles

Lower Blood Pressure


Tips for Improving Your T’ai Chi Practice:

  • Posture – Straighten your back by pulling upwards on your abdomen with your hips “tucked in”.  Hold your head high and press your shoulders slightly forward without hunching.
  • Stride – Measure the proper length for your stride by lining up the heel of your front foot with the toes of your back foot.  The full spread of your stance should be the width of your shoulders.
  • Always breathe from your diaphragm.  Breathe slowly and evenly in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  • Don’t begin any movement until you have begun your inhalation or exhalation.  In other words, movement follows breath.
  • Time the length of each movement to the best of your ability with the length of your inhalation/exhalation.
  • Always keep your knees and elbows slightly bent even when extending them in a press, push or kick. Never allow your knees to bend past your toes.


24 Posture Yang Form

Section One:

1 – Beginning posture – silk reeling (facing 12 o’clock)

3 – Parting the Horse’s Mane (left, right, left, moving toward 9 o’clock)

1 – White crane spreads its wings (left toe on the floor, sweep left & right, facing 9 o’clock)

3 – Brush knee step (left, right, left, moving toward 9 o’clock)

1 – Playing the lute (facing 9 o’clock, left heel on the floor)

Section Two:

4 – Fend off monkey (moving backward, right, left, right, left toward 3 o’clock)

1 – Grasping the sparrow’s tail (facing 9 o’clock – ward off, roll back, press, push)

1 – Grasping the sparrow’s tail (facing 3 o’clock – ward off, roll back, press, push)

Section Three:

1 – Single whip (facing 9 o’clock)

3 sets – Cloud hands (facing 12 o’clock, moving toward 9 o’clock)

1 – Single whip (facing 9 o’clock)

1 – Patting the horse’s neck (facing 9 o’clock)

1 – Kick with right heel (toward 9 o’clock)

1 – Double fist press (angling to the right)

Section Four:

1 – Turn around and kick with left heel

1 – Crooked whip (squat down or standing defensive posture), left leg straight out to side

1 – Crooked whip, right leg out to side

Section Five:

2 – Fair lady works with shuttles (right, left)

1 – Needle at the bottom of the sea

1 – Fanback

Section Six:

1 – Turn, hammer, ward off & punch

1 – Brush off opponent’s hand, ji, an

1 – Embrace tiger, return to mountain

Concluding posture


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Books:  Tai Chi Chuan & Qigong. Wolfgang Metzger & Peifang Zhou with Manfred Grosser, Ph.D. ISBN: #0-8069-5957-6

Tai Chi Chuan. Master Liang, Shou-Yu & Wu, Wen-Ching. ISBN-10: #1-886969-33-7, ISBN-13: #978-1-886969=33=9

Taijijuan, Classical Yang Style.Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming. ISBN: #1=886969-68-X


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